Add new hosting plan to account


Hi people. I think I have a problem in here. I have a dreamhost account for several years now with several domains hosted in there but now I have to host a new site that will have big traffic and I tough in creating a new account to add a new hosting plan with that new site. Let me try a sketch:

User X:

  • Account A
    Site A, Site B, Site C
  • Account B
    Site Z

Well, I went to the panel and added a new account (B). Done. Then I tried to add a new hosting plan (because I could not add it to the Account A (???) and whenever I tried it send me to the new registration page. I’ve tried sometimes but as it come everytime to the same, I tough it was the right way and I’ve done it.

Now I have to main users, one for each of the hosting plans. That was not what I wanted. Can someone explain me what happened? Is there a way to fix it? Thanks.


You don’t need to add a new hosting plan; just a new User. You already have a hosting plan. I think this is a more accurate sketch:

Account A:

  • User A (Site A, Site B, Site C)
  • User B (Site Z)

And you can’t buy a second hosting plan. Besides, why would one want to? One gives you so much.

If you’re trying to isolate permissions, then you’ll have to create a New User first, then create the Fully Hosted Domain as owned by that New User.



Hi there Scott and thanks for your reply.
Well, I have already buy a second hosting plan… Just before my post…

And now, with User A I have 2 accounts. One with my normal hosted sites and the other is empty and pending 'cause it has no hosting plans in it…

User B has a new account with a brand new hosting plan and a new domain…


Yeah, you can buy another hosting plan, though because of the “unlimited” nature of our plans, there are very few situations where one might want to have a separate plan.

One such scenario is where you want to separate out your PS or dedicated hosting plan from your regular shared account. Perhaps it might be prudent for the OP to be prepared with a separate account should they need to “go PS” with the new site?

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I thought there was mention in the TOS prohibiting purchase of multiple hosting plans. Either I was hallucinating, or that restriction has been lifted.



Yeah, the clause is still in there. A couple of us have written to DH support asking about it and DH support has consistently replied that we can still open multiple accounts with different credit cards. They’ve also said that the clause was put in the ToS to discourage the “rolling” of promotional accounts, but that’s it ok to keep two accounts open indefinitely.

What are [color=#CC0000]50DISK50[/color], [color=#CC0000]3DOM50[/color], and [color=#CC0000]1IP1DOM50[/color]?
They’re Dreamhost coupons!