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My brother owns the account and I have a user in it. Every time I try to add a new domain, it saays I don’t have the billing privileges or something of the kind.

What does he need to set to enable me to add domains at will?

I assume that when you say ‘user’, you mean a WEBID or panel log-in that your brother has given you with certain account privileges.

I believe your brother will need to give you ‘PLANS’ privileges to enable you to add domains. Note that this will also give you other privileges, such as the ability to add users and databases.

More information can be found in the following wiki article;


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So basically, if I granted someone the billing privilege necessary to add new domains, etc… they could do whatever they want and add new plans, run up my bill, etc.

I am looking to do the same thing, allow subdomain creation for a panel user… but I definitely don’t want to give them that much access. Any ideas?

You don’t need to give them the ‘BILLING’ privilege to allow them to add domains, you need to give them the ‘PLANS’ privilege. This allows them to add users, domains, databases etc, but does not allow them to change the plan in any way. It is all explained in the wiki article I linked above.

If you don’t mind them adding users and databases as well as domains, then just give them the ‘PLANS’ privilege.


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Sorry, the link you posted doesn’t work… but I have read that wiki article. So I want to add the following priv:

Hosting Plans:
May add/remove features for these hosting plans? (my plan here)

Sounds kinda vague… What all does that give access to?

Strange, the link works just fine here. :s

To quote from the wiki article…

[color=#0000CC]“PLANS You may select any of your plans to give another web ID access to. You may also allow access to all of your plans if you’d like. Having access to a plan basically means that you can add services such as users, domains, databases, and mailing lists to that plan, up to the amount that plan provides. It does not allow ending, upgrading, or downgrading the plan. You’d need to have billing privileges to do that. Basically, if you want to allow somebody to add their own new services through our web panel, you need to give them access to a plan!”[/color]


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Link works for me too. What went wrong when you clicked on it?

BTW, the privilege name “PLANS” does sound deceptively like one that would give you more privileges, which is obviously confusing! I can sympathise with the OP!

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