Add modules to nginx


I just switched from Apache to Nginx web server and want to add 2 add-ons:

  • upload
  • upload_progress

Is there anybody who knows how to do this?
I created admin account.

Thank you in advance for any help.

You’ll have to recompile nginx yourself to do that. It doesn’t support dynamically loaded extensions like Apache does.

Let me know if you need the configure options we used.

Yes, I know that I should compile by myself. I didn’t sure that I have permission to do that.

About configure options - yes, could you please give me these.

Thank you in advance.

OK! The configure options we use for nginx-be (the version that’s generally run on a VPS) are currently:



Note that you’ll have to download the Passenger module separately from (You may be able to leave it out if you aren’t using Passenger on any of your sites.)

i can’t see the http_mp4_module
how can i enable http_mp4_module?
do i need to recompile nginx?