Add logo image to header in Remixer

How can I use a logo image in the Header chord for Remixer? Ideally it would be in the upper left corner where there is currently just a text box. This seems like it should be very simple to do.

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Hi Laura,

Thank you for contacting us for help.

Currently, none of the remixer header chords support images, so it’s text only at this time. You can try searching the chord catalog for “sponsor” or “logo” or look at maybe the Parallax or Hero chords if they have larger logo images.

This has been a popular request, our remixer team has already added the image logo header chord idea to their suggestion list.

Matt C


You mention “searching the chord catalog.” I’m not sure what that means. Where do I find this catalog? I tried searching this forum for “chord catalog” and find nothing.


Hi Alan,

It was a reference regarding the remixer chrods, we have a wiki with more info here

Matt C

Not sure if you ever figured this out, but I learned by accident you can copy and paste images in titles on Remixer. You just have to make sure they’re the size you want, because you don’t have the option to resize. You can also do it in the headline, though it’s a little larger than I’d like.


@tamimarler, can you please share how you did this? I tried pasting an image into the header chord and it did not work. Which chord did you use?

Thanks in advance,

I used the Sticky Header chord in the Professional design. When I tried to do the same thing in the Small Business design, it worked for a little while, then when I went back to work on the page, it was gone. While the Remixer designs are gorgeous and easy to use, I’m finding they’re EXTREMELY limited in their abilities. Not being able to carry cords through the site, having to re-create the menu bar on every page, having to re-enter all your branding info on every page, having zero control over SEO, profiles or your logo, are turning out to be pretty major detractors. BUT…I was able to get the logo to stick in the sticky header of the Professional page design, so that’s something! Good luck!


Hi PC,

There was some sort of “chord catalog” - I remember referring to it when I first started using Remixer. I’ve just searched for it again but without success. Maybe DreamHost have dropped the term “chords” in favor of “Web Sections” which can be found here:

If anyone finds the illustrated chord catalog perhaps they would post the link.


Hi tamimarler,

Have you tried cloning the Home page and using it as a template?

If it had your basic information, links etc in the Header and Footer you might be able to achieve the effect you want.

Perhaps you would post a link to your site to share what you’re doing?