Add IPv6 access to DH-hosted sites?

I just found the website of, which provides a free gateway service to allow IPv6 users to access websites hosted on the IPv4 Internet.

Setting it up is very simple: for each of your FQDNs that are to be accessible in IPv6, an AAAA DNS record must be added pointing to the IPv6 address 2002:42eb:b46b::2

That’s all there is to it,’s FAQ explains how the service functions: “When an IPv6 user tries going to your website, their DNS software will perform an AAAA record lookup of your domain. Their web browser will then connect to the IPv6 address in your AAAA record. So all we do is have you point your AAAA record to our gateway. The web browser connects to our gateway, and requests a webpage. We see that it is a webpage on your site, and we connect to your website via IPv4 and request the page, then sending it back to the IPv6 user.”

IPv4 users can check that it works via one of the 4-to-6 WWW gateways.

HOWEVER, DH custom DNS panel options don’t include the AAAA custom record. Can DH correct that oversight?

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