Add IP address, move other domains to the new IP?

Hi guys,

I successfully added a new IP for a domain I host by clicking “Add IP” on the Manage Domains section and it was $3.95 a month.

Now I’d like to move other domains so about 5 are using this new IP address, is this possible? I have 14 domains hosted in total and I want to basically split them over 3 IP addresses.

I have tried looking under:

  • DNS
    " Under “Fully hosted / User: …” --> Edit button

And was expecting to see a drop down list of current IPs assigned to the account but unfortunately not.

The reason why is that they interlink each other and I want maximum SEO benefit.

Appreciate your help


I don’t use a dedicated IP address, so…

What happens if you click Add IP to another domain?


DreamHost hasn’t documented it very well, so one would have to ask support for the final word. But let’s look at the web panel when you click “Add IP”[code]Unique IPs are needed to:

Have a secure site (https).

Run an anonymous ftp server.

Access your site at http://###.###.###.###/

(not recommended because your unique IP could change!) [/code]AFAIK this means there can only be one domain per IP (it doesn’t use named-based hosting, and SSL requires one domain per address). Oh, and guess what - there is no interface for choosing to use a “Unique IP” of another domain.

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