Add files to repository?




How do you add files to a new repository on svn?


Have you looked at the svn documentation, or asked Google for some help? :wink:



What access method are you using? I use TortoiseSVN and SVN SSH.

Also, have you ever used a revision control system before?

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I assume you’re talking about shell commands, as any graphical SVN client has pretty straightforward options for this.

I use these steps to do the first check-in of my files (as I am a self-taught newbie, this may not be optimal, but it works):

  1. Create a new repository in the web panel
  2. Enter the shell and navigate to the directory your files are in, then go up one level (cd …)
  3. Execute this command:

(“directory” has to be the directory your files are already in).

  1. Add all files to version control:
cd directory
svn add *
  1. Commit
svn commit -m "Initial commit"


Yeah, sorry I should have mentioned that I was referring to in the shell.

Thanks though, Arancaytar’s solution worked for me.