Add Dropshare to list of DreamObjects-compatible software


Hello there,

I would like to suggest to add Dropshare to the list of DreamObjects-compatible applications in your wiki.

Dropshare, comparable to CloudApp or Droplr, is a so-called menulet that enables you to easily drag&drop files, folders and anything else to your own server, Amazon S3 or Rackspace Cloud Files - and since a new upgrade also to S3 API-compatible services like DreamObjects. It works perfectly fine and is set up in just a few minutes. Once uploaded, the app copies the link to the file to your Mac’s clipboard and you’re ready to share with anyone you like.

A user guide how to set up Dropshare with DreamObjects is available here.

Thanks for your consideration!


I’ve been testing the beta of version 4 and didn’t realize it had been released. Glad to see it’s now GA! I’ll make sure we get it documented in our wiki.

Thanks for the heads up!


And here it is! -


Thanks so much Justin!