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My question is about the “Add an account” option in the control panel.

I currently have the “Code Monster” plan and I’m wondering if I can add another Code monster plan to the same account? Does this mean that these two plans will merge and be treated as one? a 64 GB B/W increase instead of 32 etc? And most importly, will directories, permissions etc be exactly the same?

Does anybody know how this work?

One account has only one plan. If you wanna add a plan, you have to create an account.

If you have two accounts, B/W will increase in each account. Although the total B/W of two accounts increase, I don’t think you can merge two accounts.

What do you say?

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It sounds to me like you are confusing the concept of “accounts” with “plans”, which is understandable considering the language in the “Add and Account” section of the control panel.

Have you seen the section in the Dreamhost Terms of Service (ToS) that clearly indicates than you may have only one “plan”?

If you really want an authoritative answer, you should contact support on this. :wink:


Yeah, I guess i got confused about that :slight_smile:
Thank you for your reply.

This is great!! I stopped by to ask how to grant someone access to a domain as if it belonged to them, and found just what I needed, thanks.

(Previous efforts via the “user” tab were pretty discouraging, directed me to a “Unix for Dummies” page and I thought there had to be a better way than that.)

hi rlparker, there is a typo error in your link. it should be dreamhost but not dremhost. :wink:

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do you mean DH panel --> Accounts --> Account Privilege?

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Yikes! Good catch there, Nathan. Unfortunately the “time to edit” has expired so I can’t fix it. :frowning: Hopefully your post will point anyone who is lost in the right direction. Thanks!


hee hee hee :wink:

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Umm… that link actually points to one of my posts, not one of rlparker’s, but it has been suggested that we are the same person, so I guess you can be excused for making the mistake. :stuck_out_tongue:


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