Add a domain registered somewhere else

Hi there. Maybe a silly question but I have too much on my head right now to dig on it so I need some help.

I’ve registered a domain trough and now I want to create a new site under my DH main account (Crazydomain = 3 domains). What should I do? Lets see:

I own (registered and hosted in DH) and now registered I’m not ready yet to transfer my files but I want to take care of everything as soon as possible.

you’ll need to go into your web panel under domains and ADD the domains. That will prepare Dreamhost to receive them.

then you’ll need to go into the control panel (or whatever they call it, account administration etc) at your registrar ( if I read your post correctly) and change the nameservers for the domain(s) to Dreamhost’s nameservers:


Thanks jason.
Everything is working fine now… I hope.