Add 2nd User To Domain?


I am installing a paid-for script (vBulletin) and I want to be able to give the support folks access to it via shell and FTP if needed. I just don’t want to give them the username and password.

Is there any way to add a second user to a domain and let them have access to everything the first user has? That way, after they’re done, I can delete that user and no worries.

I’ve read around but I’m hoping there’s some sort of workaround. I don’t want to have to change the username and password after the outsiders are finished.




I don’t know of a good way to do that given standard *nix permissions - certainly not a convenient way that makes sense for allowing outside techs to access your site for a short period of time.

I can understand why you might not want to have to change your “preferred” password after sharing it temporarily with the vBulletin folks; have you considered changing it now to a “temporary” password they can share with you, and then changing it back to your preferred credentials after they are done with their work? :wink:



That’s a good idea, but then again the password is half the equation. The username being the other half. I’d rather they didn’t know either.

I will do thusly. I imagine that it wouldn’t be that big a deal to change the username and password both to a temporary setting. The changes are immediate, aren’t they?




Well, they aren’t immediate, but they only take a few minutes, maybe 30 minutes at the most. Bear in mind that changing the user name will create other potential issues…when you change it back you’ll need to account for file ownership issues, and re-copy/install the files owned by the proper use…I advise just changing the password, but YMMV, and you should do what you think is best. :wink:



Instead of changing your username and password, create a new ftp account and have everyone share that username and password. Then they would only have access to the file directory vbulletin is in. Should they try anything you have full control to remove that account.

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That is also a good suggestion, and is probably the way I would approach it. I only suggested the other method, as I suspected the user might wish to avoid having to move the files back into his user’s space after any installation help had been received, and the changes in file ownership that would entail.

I understand that it is really not that hard, but I don’t know the OP’s level of expertise; the easiest way to have the vBulletin folks tweak his install, and then re-secure it is to just change the user credentials; the most secure way is what you suggest. :slight_smile: