Ad-hoc multi-GB ftp space


How would you manage a service like what’s asked for below, in manner that doesn’t ask too much of the person with responsibility for the Dreamhost Control Panel?

I need to transfer 14 gb of data through the FTP site (I don’t want to cut a bunch of DVDs). Is there any way to get a MacaroniProject (name doesn’t really matter) folder on the public ftp site and get a password just for that particular project so that I can share data with my contractors (back and forth)? There are two other fairly large projects that I need to do the same thing with next month.

For now I created an ftp-only user from the control panel and gave that to the staffer who asked the question. I don’t want to be doing this very few weeks (and then be policing all the accounts afterwards) though. Ideally the individual project leads should be managing access to the project ftp spaces.

Another drawback to this is there is no admin/user concept or distinction. The contractors have the same control as the staff do, meaning we could put something there and the contractors could delete or modify it.

So, what would you do? (the answer doesn’t have to be ftp:// protocol specific by the way)