activeCollab 0.7.1 Error when updating

Are there others on DreamHost that run activeCollab? We are new to the DreamHost family, and love it so far – except we cannot fully use activeCollab and that is a problem.

Using the one-click installation (not really one-click) we are running activeCollab 0.7.1 and PHP 5.1.2. Everything installed just fine and we can login OK.

However we cannot update profiles, passwords, … anything. Anytime we try to update a profile or password, we receive the error of:

We are sorry, but activeCollab is not currently able to execute your request. An Error Report has been sent to the administrator. (stupid question) - where is this message?

When we check the /cache/log.php file, we see this:

Session “default” started at 2007-02-15T15:10:28 0000
#1 FATAL: exception ‘InvalidControllerActionError’ with message ‘Invalid controller action account::card()’ in /home/.messier/tekjnke/
Stack trace:
#0 /home/.messier/tekjnke/ Controller->execute(‘card’)
#1 /home/.messier/tekjnke/ PageController->execute(‘card’)
#2 /home/.messier/tekjnke/ Env::executeAction(‘account’, ‘card’)
#3 /home/.messier/tekjnke/ require(’/home/.messier/…’)
#4 {main}
Time since start: 0.8714919090271 seconds

Unfortunately, I myself don’t know enough about PHP to really troubleshoot this. I did ask one of our designers who wondered if our database elements were installed correctly (as it appears like PHP is trying to write to the database and isn’t able to).

Good question! However, we can log in and post projects and create members and/or company accounts just fine. We can post messages and create tasks as well. We just can’t update profiles or passwords of existing users.

This problem is posted on the activeCollab forums as well, seems many people are having this problem.


FYI, I just installed the same version without incident.
I see your post on activecollab.
I can’t help more that letting you know my 1click install worked.


Probably not much help, but I’m running aC 0.7.1 on one of my DH domains, and I cannot confirm this problem.
I can make changes to my profile without problems (I’m obviously an admin) I also created a non-admin test account while logged in as admin, and made changes to it without problems.
I also logged in as the non-admin test account and made changes to that profile without problems.
Which only proves that this is not a universal DH problem…



It looks from the previous two posters remarks that there may be something different in the setup your domain. On DH, the things that come immediately to mind are:

  1. Which version of PHP you are using
  2. Whether “Extra Web Security” (mod_security) is in use
  3. Which version of Apache is in use
  4. fastcgi?
  5. How are your permissions set?
  6. At least one of the other poster did use the “one-click” install (only mentioned because of potential permissions issues, etc.)

Possibly, investigating these items could shed some light on your issue.


I did post that we are running activeCollab 0.7.1, but did forget to mention we used the one-click installation feature.

I don’t believe the “Extra Web Security” option was selected.

Apache - whatever version of Apache that DreamHost is using I would suspect. We didn’t install anything.

FastCGI - I don’t recall that as an option. I could be mistaken. But…

Permissions – for the folder of activeCollab? Dunno. We used the one-click installation method, shouldn’t that have taken care of what is needed?

How did you install your aC? We used the one-click installation.

Hmmm, perhaps I will remove and try to install again.

Does it matter if activeCollab is installed in a sub-directory? Someone had mentioned to me that perhaps activeCollab does not like being in a sub-directory, rather it would be in the root of a domain.


I installed it with one click, and cannot download the files that I had uploaded. When I try to download, the message is that the program cannot do it at this time, a message was sent to the administator, etc. I placed it a directory (someone mentioned that perhaps the program does not like that.) Dreamhost support did not help. They said the files could be downloaded with ftp, and that this would a problem with the software.

Any suggstion or help?

I added a project then clicked “add file”

I was able to add an image and a free mind map and download.

I also used 1click install.


I found a simple solution. I went to configuration/ general/file storage and changed from data base to file system. Now the files can be downloaded without any difficuty.