Active programs

could i set up a teamspeak or ventrilo server to run from my website or does dreamhost not support that?

You will need to contact DH and give them the specs of the programs and they will give you an official yes or no.
Things to keep in mind for shared server accounts:

  1. A program can not run on it own in the background. (In other words it quits when you close the browser) with exceptions called cron jobs that can do small tasks at a predefined time, then quits in other words does not run permanently
  2. a program must not be cpu intensive (in other words it can’t hog the server for itself) as others need resources as well.
    I think thats it, if you require either of the 2 above, then a dedicated server would be the way to go.
    Hope this helps

No, currently dreamhost does not allow either of those programs to run. However you can vote for them under the suggestions heading on your Home panel.

FYI I believe it has to do with processor load on a shared server.