Active Domain dropdown box

I’ve got a couple of long domain names accessible via my control panel. Unfortunately, since the dropdown box to choose the active domain only shows the first 13 letters, I cannot tell one from the other.

For example, I’ve got and set up as a mirror. I’ve tried selecting one and then going to various places in the control panel to try to figure out which one I’ve selected, but I cannot figure it out.

I’m willing to bet that they’re listed in the order they were added to the system, in which case will be first in the list and will be the second in the list.

Can someone please confirm this for me, or tell me how I can otherwise distinguish between the two so that I know which I’m making changes/updates on?


For me, when I have the active domain box opened, the full name of whatever domain I mouseover appears in the status bar at the bottom of my browser.

Ahhh, I see… this appears to be browser specific. I use Opera as my primary browser, and in that browser, rather than a list you can mouseover to see the full name in the browser status bar, it instead displays a dropdown list, a la form style, which obviously doesn’t do mouseovers.

I confirmed that it does indeed appear as a single HTML style list, with mouseovers, on both IE6 and Mozilla 1.4. Why Opera is displaying it differently, I do not know. But thanks for the pointer as I wouldn’t have that that something like that would be browser specific. Strange…


Also, I think it should show up as something like:


instead of:

What browser string do you have Opera configured to send?

I’ve noticed a difference if I instruct Opera to identify itself as Mozilla 5.0 vs. Opera.

When identifying as Opera, I get the dropdown box and am unable to tell one domain from the other. When identifying as Mozilla 5.0, I instead get the javascript-based box (as how it appears in all other browsers). Only with this 2nd method can I mouseover each and tell one from the other.

I suspect it’s simply because the script that generates the HTML says to display the javascript based version for IE and Mozilla-based browsers while displaying the straight HTML dropdown box for all other browsers.

I generally like to keep myself identifying as Opera so I can contribute to its numbers in webmaster reports and such. If people have to identify as Mozilla instead, how are webmasters to know how many of their viewers might actually be using Opera instead.

Since Opera does in fact support javascript in full, the webmasters that write these scripts should start including Opera in their list as it’s numbers are steadily increasing, and could possibly even be higher than one suspects since many people are forced to identify as an alternate browser for reasons such as these.

And to answer your question, with specifics this time, the 2 domain names that I can’t tell apart are and When displayed in the HTML dropdown box, they show up as semtechsoluti…com and semtechsoluti…com respectively so that I can’t tell which is which.

No problems though if I change Opera’s settings to identify as Mozilla 5.0 instead and then refresh the page. So that’s the workaround I have to use, just so you know. :smiley:


I’ve always regarded user agent sniffing to be a clueless thing for webmasters to do, as it tends to discriminate against less popular browsers, and encourages a stupid “arms race” where browser makers use intentionally misleading user agent strings to get past this “sniffing”. I discuss it more in my site:

– Dan

While this may often be the case (discriminating against unpopular browsers), our staff uses a fairly wide range of browsers and platforms, and we do try to make our customer and internal tools fairly portable to various browsers.