It’s been 7 days since I made my first payment, and my account is still “pending”…I got a receipt from paypal, but nothing else…holidays or not, this is unacceptable. I even submitted a ticket, the only response I’ve gotten told me that they were sending it to a different department.

I’ve heard many good things about dreamhost, this is a really disappointing beginning.

I agree - that’s not up to their usual standard. But then, it’s the Christmas holidays and even geeks have families that want to see them… and we all like to be home for Christmas. What you could do is write to billing at dreamost in order to bump the issue to their attention.

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I signed up yesterday, and am awaiting activation

After reading your post, I decided to cancel.

I just signed up at siteground . com and 15 minutes later, my joomla site is active

My experience with DreamHost was equally as quick, when I signed up my account was active within 10-15 minutes.

I believe some people do experience a delay when DreamHost flag their application for manual approval. Given the amount of CC fraud these days, you can hardly blame them for being cautious.


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