Sorry, I’m a bit impatient… how long is it before I can start upload to/using my site and webmail?

I saw “less than 24 hours” in another post, but I wasn’t completely sure that was what I was talking about.


If you have been sent the username/passwords by e-mail, then it depends.

You can login to FTP to upload files soon after by logging into [machine], where [machine] is the “Server” handling the Web service for your domain. After the DNS change has propagated, you’ll be able to use your ftp.[yourdomain] or just [yourdomain] instead. You can lookup the “Server” in the Domains -> Manage panel.

For webmail, obviously the DNS change has to have propagated to use webmail.[yourdomain] but you might be able to use instead while you wait.

Usually it takes less than 2 hours for the username/passwords to be setup

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