Activation time?

Hi guys,
I had a client purchase hosting through DH recently and I need to get her website up and running. Could someone please be so kind and let me know the activation time of new accounts? I need it so I can forward an estimate of when the site will be up.


It just depends. When I got my account (a year ago) it was activated immediately. For some people it can take about a week (if you don’t trigger their fraud program and have your account pended or disabled…)

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And my problem…

"Reply written by Signup (Jan 24th, 2006 - 22:38:29 / #6250870)

New Account Information and Welcome!

From: Happy DreamHost Welcomer
Subject: New Account Information and Welcome!

And I send two messages:

Jan 24th, 2006 - 23:10:15
Jan 25th, 2006 - 14:05:12

And my account still “This account is currently pending approval.”

Whats the solution?

G’day, testebr. You might want to another 24 hours or so before contacting DH again. When I signed up a few years ago, it took several days (5 days, I think) for my account to be activated.
All the best -

Their signups must come in waves. Depending on weekend .vs. weekday also seems to be a bit of a factor.

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Today the support write:

“Your account is being held up as our system believes it could be fraudulent.”

OMG!!! The card is mine, I’m start hacking my credit card? This is funny… ok I will cry ;(

I wouldn’t take any offense from their email. I doubt that DreamHost thinks you are trying to defraud them, more likely their automated fraud detection system has detected something about your application that it doesn’t like.

This seems to have happened quite a bit recently, with quite a few reports of delayed applications.

More information on the problem DreamHost face at the URL below;


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I setup the Code Monstor account over a week ago.
But my account is still in setup mode.
I havn’t heard a peep from DH in all that time.
Is this normal for this time of year, or do I need to persue what is going on.
Probably not an ideal start if I have to chase DH up to enable the account.

Now I see that DH arn’t the fastest in service and this could be a big let down for me if I need to wait this long to get things done.

Not sure what to do here, do I persist or just move elsewhere ?

Personally I’d be a bit more persistant. I think there was just some kind of a glitch. support normally replies in a few hours, at most 24. Log into the panel with your webid you used to sign up if you can, and put a high priorty message into support (Panel > Support > contact support)

I think if you can get past this one issue you’ll like it here. Of course there’s always that 97 day money back thing if you change your mind.