Activate php_mail?


Can anyone tell me how to enable php_mail function because my WordPress isn’t sending out the confirmation e-mails, and I get no errors, so I want to check if this is on.


The php_mail() function does not have to be “activated” - it is available by default on all DreamHost PHP installations.

There must be something else happening with your confirmations (spam trapped, etc.).



My php mail has stopped working, despite no changes by me. I have an email into support to see if they have ideas.



Hmm, well I posted here and they said it must be a problem with that function:

What else should I do? I’m not receiving any e-mails period, no e-mails to tell me there are new comments, no confirmation e-mails, no nothing. I had to turn off the registration till I can fix this, so I’m hoping to fix it fast.


There was a recent incident when the php_mail generated mail were “stuck” in an overburdened outgoing mail queue, and I’m wondering if that might not be the case again?

The support request generated as indicated in this thread should provide some indication of whether or not that is the case, if in fact that is part of the problem.



I got a mail back from support. There was a problem that caused a delay in php mail. Apparently it was fixed, but I haven’t seen evidence of that yet - my mails are still delayed by hours (and counting…)

btw, can you use a from address which is different than the domain it is coming from? It seems like that shouldn’t be allowed, but I haven’t seen it discussed in the documentation.


The last time this happened, it took well over 24 hours for the mail queue to start delivering some of those emails, so if this is similar you might not see relief for a while.

I’m not sure of the answer to your second question. Once the queue is actually sending emails again, it should be easy enough to test, I would think? :wink:



Queue seems all cleared out now, back to normal.

On using a domain for the From address (ie. when sending from a different one (, php mail() it does allow it, but I have no idea why. it seems like it is an invitation for abuse. There is no authentication - it seems like I could send from any address. Thoughts?