Activate modification in phpbb

I have installed a modification to phpbb, but I am unable to activate it. MODs Configuration is not on the menu.

This is an advanced one-click installation with an automatically generated database.

How do I activate the Modification?

Brace yourself: there’s no user interface for modifications in phpBB. If the mod you installed didn’t add a section to the preferences somewhere, it doesn’t have any user interface at all.

If it doesn’t seem to be working at all, chances are that you didn’t actually install it correctly. The correct installation process, for reference, would have involved a lot of mucking around in a text editor.

Thanks – it’s helpful to know it’s not an issue with Dreamhost.

Yes, the installation did involve a lot of mucking with a text editor, and I’m pretty sure I did the installation correctly.

I’ll try posting on the mod forum for a solution. Thanks for the response.