Action Streams Cron Tab Help



I’m trying to implement the new Movabletype Action Streams plugin (Action Streams site) and am having trouble implementing the cron tab command - basically it’s not running. Here’s what I have currently:

It’s set to run hourly on the hour, every hour. But it hasn’t updated since Sunday (last week).

The actual page it’s supposed to display on is this one.

I’ve no idea what I’m doing with the crontab stuff so any help is much appreciated.


First, I’ll suggest you to remove the file path to your perl script.

Second, you may want to try
0 * * * * /usr/local/bin/perl /home/

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Still doesn’t seem to be actually “running” or whatever the correct term is. I’ve copied and pasted what you suggested into the crontab section and still no go.

Just so I’m clear - are you suggesting I remove the path to my perl script on the message board but it should be in the crontab, or is it actually not supposed to be in there.


Have you tried running that entire command from the command line?

Also, with that format, you should be getting an email result.