Acct pending even after 9.95 charge complete


It’s been nearly 48 hours since I first signed up for the trial. It says acct pending, have us call you now to approve immediately. The call you now button appears to do absolutely nothing, even during office hours.

My bank has now cleared the charge and no longer shows pending status. 6202612 is my ticket number. Any explanation as to what’s going on would be greatly appreciated.


Once a new signup gets flagged into manual approval, it takes a person in the approvals dept to approval it. Normally that’s a problem on weekends because the approvals team only works during office hours monday-friday. Maybe they had too many approvals from the weekend to get thru all of them today??

I understand needing to detect fraud, but it really seems like dreamhost could do a better job with the “manual approvals”. It’s a regular topic of new threads in this forum.

Thanks for your feedback. Yeah, I definitely saw a couple other acct pending posts on the forum, so I tried to wait until I thought my case was a bit different, i.e. 48 hour waiting window, “have us call you now” feature broken, etc. I totally understand needs for fraud detection too. Hell, the fact that I’m using my American contact info and bank acct while I’m in Malaysia probably triggered the manual approval. Oh, well, I guess I just have to wait like everyone else :slight_smile:

Hopefully this won’t count towards my free trial time.


Thank you for that ticket# I have our approvals team looking into it right now and they will update you shortly. You should receive an email from them letting you know you’re all set. I apologize for the delay in response and that you for your patience, it is greatly appreciated

Matt C