what exactly is the purpose of the entity that the panel refers to as an ‘account’? i had surmised that its purpose was to segregate management functions so that they have separate logins & capabilities within the panel (e.g., resellers would use a separate account for each self-maintaining customer to prevent them from seeing/manipulating other customers’ (and the reseller’s own personal) settings and objects) but it appears that each account must also have a completely separate hosting plan… so now i’m confused about the purpose of an ‘account’ and how one actually IS supposed to create a user who has individual panel capabilities and restrictions, yet uses space from my ‘global’ hosting plan. picks nose

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edit: well, duh… i see now how to edit the capabilities that a user has within the panel and that it doesn’t require a separate account… but that leaves the question of … what purpose do additonal accounts actually serve?

As far as I know, you can’t have more than one account. I think I remember someone saying that this wasn’t always the case.

I could very well be wrong, though.

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“Accounts” are referred to in several places in the panel and I’m not positive which you’re talking about.

(Billing > Manage Account)First, you can own more than one account at DH - just as long as you sign up for them through your panel. You’re not allowed to use a promo code or refer your self obviously. but if you need more stoarage space or whatever you can sign up and pay for an other account.

You can also (Users > Account Privileges) allow other people to access parts of your panel. For instance you may decided to host a domain for a friend, you can set them up with a panel log in that only has access to their domains (E-mail, mysql, etc.) and none of your domains or the billing section.

There also used to be a place in the panel that referenced what account you were currently logged in as - though I don’t see that now in my panel, for people who manage multiple accounts for clients.

Hope this helps.

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