Account's pending, any way to check my free domain name?

Short story: my registration got glitched, and I noticed that the default name to my account was something like “dfgdfgd”, totally random, yeah. So I’d like to know if it’s possible to check the domain name I choose is still intact or if it’s glitched, but my account is still pending to approval (all paid up, but I understand it takes some time).

Thanks! :]

you could do a whois search on your chosen domain name and see if DH has registered it or not, but contacting support usually results in quite quick replies.

Well, here’s the default name that shows up when I click “edit profile”, and I believe it’s based on the domain name picked during the registration, but since mine got glitched, I’m worried that DreamHost might register it, obviously I don’t want a “dfrhg” website. :[

I did a Whois search for “” and “”, both shows up as avaiable.

I contacted the support team, currently waiting for reply. :]

The “waiting for approval” subject are the actual messages about the glitch, and payment which I cleared up about 3 hours ago.

As you can see, it’s all recent and I’m not worried about the “pending” status of my account, my concern goes to the domain name they are going to register…