Accounting issues

Is there any way to contact Dreamhost re my account (#247799)? My site and e-mail has been shut down since the big Spacey Cluster Chaos (since the 17th) and now I find it’s also been suspended since that date - strange coincidence. I’ve sent e-mails to support and sales every day, but no response. I’ve hesitated to post here as the tone seems to be - “if you don’t understand the system - go away”. And “the more urgent your tone, the less likely we will help you”. I guess cranky clients can be wearing. But I can’t sort it out without contact with Dreamhost. Any advice would be very welcome. Thanks gang.

Do you owe them money?

If you can’t Submit a ticket in the panel, or have and gotten no response, send an email to Or, luck will smile upon you and rlparker will see this thread and look into your case.


Thanks for the response Scott. I will try again AND hope it’s my lucky day and I might get help from rlparker. And yes, according to the invoice I owe $190 but it’s impossible to tell if that’s an invoice for the past or the future, or both, and I have never received any e-mails, notifications or invoices from DH. If it’s past, of course I’ll pay, if it’s future, I’d like to change to monthly, but the system doesn’t allow me to do that, though I know it’s supposed to. blah blah blah. Thanks for giving me hope in any case.

If it’s a money issue, email (if that works), or try:


I have sent several messages to sales, but the contact link I had not had before. That’s GREAT Scott - I’ve submitted a ticket so there’s hope on the horizon! Thank you SO much. I should have come here sooner.

Well, it looks like the on-duty folks beat me to this one, as I see that you have received a reply from DreamHost. Just reply to that message if you are not all squared away now, and it will go back to the technician who initially responded to you. :slight_smile:

–DreamHost Tech Support

Yes - she got it all straightened out. Thank you so much for your response. Onward!

Interesting. Was this related to the other issue of trying to change your hosting plan’s payment period?


Yes. Apparently, when an account is supsended, all the status of everything reverts to ‘0’. And the only way to re-enable it through the system was to pay the full 2 year amount due. I had made a payment already on the web panel for 3 months, so support was able to close out my original plan which allowed me to go back into the panel and select a new one. Humans rock. Thanks again Scott for hanging in there with me.