Dear Sir,

 Customer care that we are using can be better as compared to existing. Well after signing up we require to wait for undefined period. Seriously I feel very nervous can't wait. 
 If we keep a graphical representation that displays the work in progress towards the account activation. Billing cycle provided is the signup day but we don't get the activated account. So people would appreciate if the billing cycle is also pending till the account is activated.
 Few small changes can make a big difference. I understand Dreamhost employees work hard to make dreamhost a  better place. Let people be proud of having dreamhost hosting by proving the best support. Discussion forum is really great !! Hope we have a smile on our face the next time we register a new account of refer to our friends about the service.

Thank you !!

The current workflow for signing up new accounts has been around a very long time, I wouldn’t expect them to change it anytime soon.

I think most people signing up get approved automatically. There are a few signups that get routed to manual approval because something about the information presented caused a flag to get raised. I think this is the situation you’re describing.