Can anyone help? Dreamhost deactivated my account in error. I am actually in credit but I cannot access my site or download mails. Dreamhost are not replying to any of my emails to them for the last five days. HELP!!!


This is a customer-to-customer forum and, while they might drop in from time to time, DreamHost staff members rarely post here.

This is something DreamHost staff will have to sort out. If your emails are not getting answered, submit a Support Request via the web panel and make sure your email account of record is still active and you can receive the email. You should also check your spam filters to see if a response from DreamHost ended up there.

Note that if your account is suspended, and the only email address DreamHost has for you is a DreamHost email address, you are not likely to get the email. This is just one reason why you should always set an alternate email address, that is not hosted by DreamHost, to have all official communications set to in addition to your DreamHost based email account(s) - you can do this in your profile from the control panel (upper right corner area of the screen).

Finally, you should check to see if they have responded to you, and you just did not receive the email - for whatever reason (including what I mentioned above). Any emails DreamHost sent to you are archived in the web panel under Support -> Support History, so check there to see if you have missed a reply.

Good luck!