Account was disabled July 22, 2016!

Please we need to know what happened?
Why the account has been disabled?
I have opened a ticket, but had no answer.
ticket : #7400933
Our customers are without site and e-mail

We’re just customers here. Your ticket is your best bet. You can also try the general contact form:

Hi there,

Thank you for that support ticket#, I was able to locate your support requests and see that it has already been escalated over to our abuse/security team and they will update you via email accordingly,

Matt C

Matt thank you, but not yet have an answer about what happened?

it’s been 6 hours 32 mins wants to open ticket and have not had answer about happened. More than 300 sites and 1,000 emails are not working because of it.
My account still disabled.

With 300 sites and a ticket that’s been escalated to Abuse & Security, it would appear one of the sites you host has done something very wrong. With this in mind, I suspect a public forum isn’t the place to continue this conversation.