Account troubles


After having my account re-enabled (thanks DH) because of a simple missunderstanding It’s been 13hrs since I was told I can use my account again so I thought i would browse to my site to find its not there nor is the server! so thinking it was just me I tryed on a windows XP laptop, windows Vista laptop and an iMac with Mac OS X 10.4.10 to find they all say server not found, so I asked friends and family to try and see it they could see my website and they told me the same 404 webpage not found/server not found.
So now Im woundering whats wrong now and how long will it take to fix so that i can carry on finishing my website I was told in an email/support ticket it would take upto 3hrs but since i had been in hospital today i could not check till later on…

So when will this issue be fixed?


Being only customers here, like yourself, we can only guess … maybe on Monday? :wink:

Seriously though, you will get a much better answer from support/abuse (depending upon who is handling the matter) than we can give you.

If the abuse department is involved, they have stated publicly in the past that they might take a bit longer than the support que as there are fewer people working in the abuse department.

It could be that, if the abuse department was involved in disabling the account, support has referred the matter back to them for resolution and that may take longer than if support had handled it completely themselves.

I know that support techs do work on weekends, but I’m not sure about the abuse staff.

Sending another support request asking when to expect the change to take place probably couldn’t hurt. :slight_smile:


Or it could be up already if it’s the homepage in your profile.

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Im confused as i just got an email saying my domain name was expired yet when i goto my control panel i find my domain name is fully hosted and registered?? heres a summary of an email the support send me:

“it looks like your domain also happened to expire yesterday. Just
coincidence. You’ll need to go to the “Registrations” page of the panel
and register it again. You can also choose to register a different domain
instead. You get a free registration with the hosting, so it shouldn’t
charge you, but in case it does, let me know and I’ll handle that for

So ive not idea what todo im hoping the support will fix this for me :slight_smile:


Well, I see you have it all sorted (Whois shows renewal at 0100 UTC on 8/13/2007), and it is now resolving, and displaying ,for me.

If it is not yet displaying for you, DNS probably just has to update. :wink: