Account Tests


I’ve never been able to get this to work. I schedule a test, come back later, and still get “We cannot display your test results because your account has not been tested in the last month.”

What’s the secret?



After you click the “Test Account” button, does it return with a green message box that says it took your request and to check back in 10 minutes? Try a different browser. There are some cases where users of IE click on an action and it doesn’t really happen.

I just tried and it actually started testing the moment I clicked the button and immediately returned some test results.

Correction Those test results are timestamped from last night. Strange, because I didn’t request testing last night. Maybe that was executed during the move last night.

Second Edit A few hours, my test results from earlier actually showed up. Just like the OP’s.


I use Firefox, and yes, I get the message. Actually, I just checked again now, and it seems to have run the tests now. Its says “No errors found”, which is a bit odd as two of my domains are down, from where I’m sitting. It seems that DH know about the problem, though, it’s because they’re on the 208.113 network.



Those are only internal tests. As I recall, the 208.113 issue is for outside connectivity, which is what you see. I don’t think I’ve ever had much luck with the Account Tests for telling me something I didn’t already know. Then again, problems with my account are pretty rare.