Account Suspended though paid up, everything down


My account was apparently suspended with the billing snafu. (I didn’t get the emails requesting payment, and my credit card’s expiration date had passed.) Now, though I’ve paid up, the Control Panel says the account is still suspended. Plus, it says that I have 0 domains hosted, 0 users, etc., when I have at least 5 domains hosted on my Dreamhost account - all without email and web sites now since Monday! I’ve submitted (4) support requests, all without receiving a single response (I’ve been checking the Support History page - nothing.)

Apparently I don’t really exist anymore in the Dreamhost system, so they can’t “hear” me asking them for help. Unfortunately all of the users who don’t have email or websites still have my cell phone number, and keep calling and texting. This is such a futuristic foo!


If you do not believe your ticket requests are getting through, email from an email account registered in the system.

That too will open up a ticket.

I’ve been waiting for support on legitimate technical issues since the beginning of the billing snafu however, and so I wouldn’t expect a quick response at the moment… they’re probably wasting a bunch of man hours on figuring out which tickets can be batch closed.


You’ve been handed a generous helping of suckage pie there. I recommend that you try to contact them with their form making sure you mention your domain name, etc. Some people have reported problems with the form today, so you might need to try it a few times.

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Suckage pie for sure. This morning I submitted 2 more requests for support via the web form, but still not even getting an automatic response back when I check Support History. I just tried an email to per another suggestion. (I was able to log into a Dreamhost webmail account and send, apparently, just still not receiving anything, and all sites are still down.)

Lastly, a co-worker whose Dreamhost account is working submitted an urgent Support request for me, and included my username and account number. Hopefully that will at least bring their attention to poor old non-existent me.

Thanks for your replies…and I wonder, is something like this happening to anyone else!?


No that’s not enough.
You need to send EIGHTY BILLION support requests and THEN and ONLY then will they get back to you…
and let you know that your account is terminated because you’re an annoying bastard :wink:

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The email to seemingly worked - I got a response that my account was manually re-activated. I’m not sure how I would’ve done that without the webmail working for the moments that it did, but okay. Now waiting for the DNS to propagate again so my web sites are actually live…