Account stuck at pending


I am guessing this issue still happens today from maybe 8 years ago.
Live Chat just closed chat with me abruptly because apparently the chat hours are over (oh well).

Account stuck in limbo, can’t get approved, can’t be cancelled. Live Chat is of no help.

Which hosting even stuck an account for 24-48 hours just for creation? Now that I just like to move away, I still can’t just go ahead and cancel the account. Granted everyone else already filed issues about it, DH should really look into this and stop saying that it’s stuck on approval queue!

Some of us need instant creation, or perhaps have a warning upfront to say that so that we won’t waste our time when we need to get something up and running within the day.

Ticket: #8533050


I am sorry to hear of the delay for the approval of your account. I show our team has reached back out to you. If you have any additional questions or concerns, please reply directly to their email.