Account Still Pending, No Reply

Hi y’all. Paid for a year of web hosting with DreamHost yesterday and got this message:

We had a problem automatically approving your account. You’ll be hearing from us within 24 hours so that we can resolve any problems and activate your account.[/quote]

I submitted a ticket (#6392907) over 15 hours ago but haven’t gotten a reply. I was hoping to spend today getting the site set up. Is there anything I can do to get my account approved?


To put it rather bluntly the “24 hours” is a lie. The dept at dreamhost that completes manual approvals only works during business hours (PST/GMT-8) Monday-Friday.

I hate to make the statement I have here, but to put in bluntly dreamhost could improve that message, it’s been this way for years. Simple rewording could save quite a number negative posts in this forum. They are setting the expectation, they forget to mention it doesn’t apply to weekends and holidays.

Got approval and reply to my message, took 18 hours. Not very efficient. I’ve used godaddy in the past with no problems.