Account still pending approval

I did a search on this and noticed that this seems to be somewhat common. The main reason I’m posting another topic about it is because I didn’t see anyone with a similar issue as the one I’m having.

When I signed up with dreamhost about four days ago and I didn’t know someone had firefox set to open new windows in the same window. (remember I said that) During the process of signing up, I came to the payment site and I payed with credit card. I saw someone mention here that paying with a credit card got them approved almost instantaneous…well not for me. During the process I got a payment confirmation in my yahoo messager and assumed it would open in a new tab but it opened in the dreamhost sign up window. I don’t know if this interferred with the signup process. I came back to dreamhost and it gave me the log in window. I logged in and noticed my account was still pending approval. Still concerned about the possible interferance during sign up I gave it a day or two.

After that time I grew more concerned and contacted support. They instructed me to pay via Google Check out. I signed up through Google check out and they informed me that the approval would be near instant after that. Well its still pending approval and instant to me means if not right at that moment at least a day or two. (I don’t mean to be picky) I’m just wondering if its normal for approvals to take so long. I’m using my site for a portfolio among other things and I’m currently in transition between jobs and I can’t point future employers to a site that says “cannot find server.”

Any help or advice is gladly appreciated.
Thanks ahead a time.
SteelDrama Studios

it definitely should have gone through by this point, or you should have gotten an explanation of what the problem is. I would recommend that you contact support again.

–Matttail - personal website

I had the same thought before. But the fact is that most of the users do not have problem with DH. You only see those people who have problems here :stuck_out_tongue:

This is not right for everybody. I even need to fax authorization form when I signed up using credit card. Now DH has already removed the authorization process. Thanks DH!

Since they already promised, I’ll suggest you to send them a ticket (set the type of msg to “OMG EXTREMEMLY CRITICAL EMERGENCY”). Forward the previous message from DH support and chase them.

Good luck!

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