Account setup


Just joined and waiting for my account to be setup.

I have heard good things about Dreamhost so I just wanted to say hello and ask how long it usually takes to get activated? Anyone with any information it would be appreciated if you could let me know.


Hi and Welcome to DreamHost :slight_smile:

Regarding activation time for new accounts; This seems to vary quite a bit, some have their accounts automatically approved almost immediately, others get flagged for manual approval, which can take a few days.

As for the reason why some accounts get flagged for manual approval, it is hard to say exactly, but I imagine the DreamHost FRAUDINATOR fraud detection system has something to do with it.

Of-course, if your account does get flagged for manual approval, it doesn’t mean that DreamHost thinks you are out to defraud them, it just means that something about your application triggered the above automated system.


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Thank you mark appreciate the helpful post! :slight_smile:


Also note that if you join on a weekend or just before one, it can take longer as the accounting dept. does not work much on weekends. This is the same for all plans.

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thanks alot for the extra info

ps I have already chosen a plan but thanks anyways :slight_smile:


Hello and welcome to Dreamhost.

From memory my account took around 3 days to be activated, as Raz2133 pointed out accounts appear to be approved almost instantly, or you are looking at a few days for the account to be approved.

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thanks Shonky - looks like I am looking at the later - oh well Ill just be patient afterall it is the weekend




yeah I did, thanks for replying Bob - Depsite having paid for the setup and the first month they are trying to get me to pay again.

I submitted one nearly 17 hours ago regarding the payment error and another just now.

I am very dissapointed to say the least.


SECRET: I set up one account, and it went immediately. I then set up another one for a client, and it was waiting approval. This was on a Saturday night. Being kinda impatient that I am, when I looked Sunday morning, it was still waiting for approval.

So, I filled out a support ticket. But the trick is dont fill one out for billing – fill one out for site down :slight_smile: That makes it a higher priority support ticket. Was up and running within an hour :slight_smile: