Account registration denied

Anyone has same situation as me? I signed up for dreamhost, then denied and refunded by billing team. I asked them and they just said some reasons about credit card thing. I’m genuine user and it’s my credit card, my credit card provider said there’s nothing wrong with my card. And the billing team didn’t even want to bother to discuss with me futher, they just rejected and ask me to find somewhere else.

It looks like dreamhost got a lot of customers already so they don’t bother to settle these minor cases. Weird.

Anyway, anyone has same problem? Or do you have any idea what might be the reason?


Would you care to elaborate? :slight_smile:

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Ohh, that’s all i know. They just said they can’t approve my account, i asked them why, they said they can’t tell because it will defeat purpose of fraud protection. I’m like “what, i’m credit card owner”, then i asked them if i can help anything to clarify, or can i provide another credit card, they just asked me to find another host, weird.

Oh well, I guess it’s something to take up with your bank about why your card triggered fraud protection for an online purchase from a U.S. based company.

I don’t think there’s much more to suggest other than advising others who think they might be in a similar situation to use Google Checkout? No telling whether that will “help”.

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Well I used Google Checkout, and both of my credit cards are good, I purchased lots of stuff from US store and didn’t have problem before.

You see, the point is not about the problem itself, but how they deal with it. Fraud protection is for my own good, so it’s ok to have a bit of hassle. But dreamhost didn’t even want to help genuine users. There may be flaw in fraud protection process, and it should not prevent genuine users from purchasing stuff, otherwise it destroys the whole purpose of credit card which is mainly convenience. I asked them how can i help them to prove that i’m credit card owner, they just simply turned me away and ask me to find another host. It means they don’t treat me as trustworthy individual. Imagine you did nothing wrong, just want to use service and this happened, not a pleasant experience for sure.

The last time a similar situation was posted here where the cause of the problem was revealed, the problem turned out not to be the credit card at all, but rather that the potential customer gave a “fake” address.

While they have never published their fraud detection mechanisms, it seems pretty obvious that they are just as concerned about the customer having a verifiable identity/address as they are about receiving payment.

I am not meaning to imply that any of this is relevant to your particular case, only to point out that there other considerations they take into account besides the legitimacy of the card and the likelihood of getting paid.


Thanks. I know there’re a lot of things that may happen, the point is i’m legit user and i want to use the service, needless to say that service provider need to make it easy & convenient for users to join them. They can just let me know what can I do to help. Assuming users are fraud is not the right way to do, because fraud protection mechanism is not perfect and there will be false detection.

So anyone whoever got in this situation will just have to abandon your account?

Well, that is a question that only DreamHost staff can completely answer, but that was the case in the situation in which the last user I mentioned found himself.

As these are customer-to-customer forums and DreamHost staff members post here only occasionally, we can only speculate as to how all of that works; I was just sharing information that another user in a similar situation had previously posted. :wink:


Actually, they don’t.

Assuming you’re outside of the US: Even if there are orders that never make it through, they still have a ton of non-US customers… especially when compared to the many companies out there that avoid 100% of these arguments by simply not accepting any orders from outside of the US.

If you are in the US, then there’s probably something missing from the story, either something you forgot to mention, or something they didn’t want to reveal to you on their end. Using a proxy, for example, would probably be one good way to throw up a fraud flag.

It is the right thing to do. When it comes to fraud and protecting your merchant account, it’s better to err on the side of safety–especially when you do Dreamhost-volume in an industry that is flooded with fraud.

There’s also a good chance they’re not telling you everything about why your order didn’t go through, as they shouldn’t. Who knows, even a typo in the address or phone number could be enough to throw up another flag, if there are already other suspicions about the order.

As already mentioned, only they know the specifics and there’s only so much they’ll be willing to tell you.

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