Account registration denied(i know why)

My account has been denied and i think i know the reason why,i’ve had a vpn that is always on and that messed up with my original location. i really wanted to use dreamhost due to their great anything i can do to fix this?

Support should be able to help.

Alright thanks! appreciate it!

well support got back to me and said there is nothing they can do about it.shame,I really like dreamhost.

If you’re sure it could only be due to an incorrect location that GeoIP has picked up or w/e then mark the communication reason “Other” and title the message “ATT: Security Department. VPN location has triggered Fraud detection during sign-up”.

Also add the title to the first paragraph of the body of the message, then describe what happened. Hopefully the message will be forwarded to someone who can actually look into it (Security is a high level position – they don’t man the “front desk” of global support).

Thanks. that was very helpful!

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