Account Privileges

I just added a user to Account Privileges. How do I find out what their username and password are. I tried their FTP username and password but that doesn’t work. I also tried their email address as the username and the ftp password, but no joy.

you don’t find out what their username and password is. you give privelages to other webid’s not a user in your own system, but another user of dreamhost.

Is that what you wanted to do?

oh, and did you create the dreamhost webid for them?

I need to give access to a client so that they can get in to use the Announce List. How do I do that?

You’re already on the right track to set someone up to access an announce list.

Log into the Panel > Manage Users > Account privileges.

Click Grant Access to a new user
Click the boxes for the portions of the panel you’d like them to have access to, Then have them check their E-mail for instructions on how to log in.

That should be everything. Hope this helps.

–Matttail - personal website

I’ve followed these instructions for giving someone Account privileges. I am still confused, however, about what their password is. What is their password, and how do I (or they) set it?

If the user you granted privileges to has never used DreamHost before, their password is not set. They must go through the password reset process (as detailed in the email they’re sent) before they can log in for the first time.

You cannot look up or change the password on a user you’ve granted account privileges to.

They set it. Have them check their email, If all else fails try the password reset link.