Account privileges


I’m a not-so-expert owner of a DreamHost webspace.

I have some problem giving access to the DreamHost panel to another user.

I don’t know if everything I’ve done is right.
I have created a new webID, and then, in the section “Account privileges” I’ve granted to this user access to every section of the panel, except the billing ones.

Then, I’ve tried to logout, and to login using the new WebID and the password I got. I get no access to the panel.
What I’m trying to do is to give this new WebID full access to the panel at, so he can see the stats, manage the FTP, the domains and so on. Why, then, don’t I manage to login? Should I have done all this in a different way? Or maybe I have to wait some time before everything’s ok?

I’m trying to login at, should I login somewhere else?

Thank you for your help.