Account Privileges for One Domain/Email in an Account of Many

I’m having trouble figuring out how to set up some account privileges. Here’s the situation: I have one hosting plan with multiple domains. I want to give one account access to one domain so that account can use FTP, create and edit email accounts on that domain, and so on but not have access to the full account and other domains.

In Account Privileges, it tells me the only way to allow creation of email accounts is to grant access to the full hosting plan. Is this true? Is there some way around this?

Also, where do I log in with the new account privileges? Do I use the full email address as the login in the Dreamhost Control Panel login?

Thanks so much,

Was this ever solved? I have the same problem - one hosting account with several domains and I want to grant privileges to a person to create and manage email accounts on only one of the domains.

Also, where/how does this person log on to do his managing?

I have several user with privileges, but one of them now is not working, even though it has the same privileges as other users, he’s not able to create or edit emails accounts, what can I do??? dremahost support is not helping…