Account privileges and webids

The account privileges section has changed since I last used it. I’d like to grant an existing webid limited access, but it appears the only way to grant access is by email address?

Is it possible to grant to an existing webid?

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Also, if someone knows the specifics behind what ‘Hosting’ privileges mean, would they please reply with details or expand the wiki information at:


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That’s not an improvement over the last system. Even Manage Users doesn’t show an email address for the created users. Perhaps they’re moving away from obscure WebID’s to make it more user friendly. Allowing people to log into the panel with their email address was a start down that path.

A WebID should have an associated Email address in the Manage Email section. Vice-versa, actually, but it should point you in the right direction.

As for the “Hosting” privileges, it looks like it’ll give someone else complete control over your plan.