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Just purchased web hosting for the first time, with domain transfer from another vendor (NameCheap). My account has been pending for ~15 hours and it has been a bit frustrating knowing that customer service has not gotten back to me yet.

Based on my research it seems that DreamHost’s employees operate on Pacific Time, but wouldn’t a little outsourcing to provide 24 hour support add value to their customer service offerings? Just trying to think from the perspective of someone who needs fast turnarounds on issues and cannot afford the opportunity cost of waiting even a few hours to resolve hosting issues.

i weit for my site 4 day omg and not conformation my site again the dreamhost pff

DreamHost’s account team just approved my account literally <10 min after posting my first message, so thanks to their team for a speedy response! Would still like to know others’ thoughts on them integrating 24 hour service into their customer service offerings :slight_smile:

Dreamhost does have 24 hours support, just not for manual account approvals.

Automatic/instantaneous account approval is possible, however your account request either contained information that raised a flag, or came from a region of the world that dreamhost previously has experienced a high rate of fraud, thus causing the need for manual approval.

Thanks for the response! Good to know that they do have 24 hour service :slight_smile:

It has been discussed numerous times. In any case DH’s initial perception can be poor when they do not process manual new accounts on weekends/Public Holidays, which could leave people waiting a few days – and as I haven’t signed up for a decade I do not know what their messaging says. However, once live, the service is good value (not the cheapest), reliable (it had downtime a few years ago, but for the past 18months or so has been up 100%), and the support is good, coupled with a company with personality (the blog, newsletters) and a community heart (charity hosting, charitable donations, roadshows, wiki and forum) makes for a very compelling package.

I’m not sure if it would be popular or something DH would consider, but a small premium fee could be levied for out of hours approvals, potentially reducing or refunded when hosting is renewed.

I agree with everything you said. The problem that I see is that Dreamhost doesn’t set a correct and accurate expectation of the wait time. It’s 2016 and they should be able to say “Your submission requires manual approval, the internal department that handles manual approval is now closed and will reopen in XX hours.” (avoiding time zone conversions or misunderstandings) Even better would be messaging that takes into account manual approval queue size and give an actual approximation of when a human will process the manual approval.

Here it is more than 2.5 years later and nothing has changed. I want to sign up for DH service, but my account is stuck in “Account Pending” status. No indication of how long it will take or if anyone is even looking at it. I find it ridiculous that, as a potential customer, I have to open a support ticket to sign up for service.

Hello Joseph,

We apologize for any frustration. There are a number of reasons why an account gets flagged for manual approval, if you can supply that support ticket# we can get it over to our support team to look into, thanks!

I now have the same situation and it honestly makes me just want to quit Dreamhost and get a refund. I’m very upset about this, and the live chat is unavailable. Can I just get my payment refunded so that I can sign up with someone else?

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We are truly sorry for the inconvenience!

Unfortunately due to security reasons in some cases we do have to review the signup manually. Please note that this is done with the sole hope of protecting our customers.

If you can provide us with a ticket number we would be happy to get this looked at for you.

  1. Same problem, years later. Are you kidding me???

I’ll just be getting a refund. They don’t manually process accounts on weekends? Is that a joke? That’s the only time many of us can even work on things. Dreamhost step up your game–especially considering you’re a pricier hosting option, sheesh. I’ll be canceling AS SOON AS these accounts go through. Both of them! (Since it couldn’t tell me what the issue was the first time!)

Oh and why? I’m assuming because I entered a credit card that I was not positive had funds on it. Isn’t that what most do? Try it and if it rejects it, use a different card? giant eyeroll Even supplied the picture they asked for.

Oh and the responses here, LOL “If you give us the support ticket number we can get it over to support!”



Highly likely.


Cases involving potentially fraudulent transactions are handled by a higher level security department; not by the regular web Support team.