Account Pending

Hey Dreamteam, it’s a bit anticlimatic; cause you finally decide to setup a website for your up and coming business. You read-up reviews and research online over the entire weekend, and realize Dreamhost is a leading, if not the best host out there. All excited you signup and pay inadvance for a 2 year-plan for the best deal you can possibly get. You instantly get a confirmation email back, saying “wait for 24-48 hours to get up and running!” ugrrrh… Was hoping to get started like… yesterday. Anyways, can help out and speed things along please ? (company account ######) Thanks allot. Cheers

We don’t have full accounts staffing in on the weekends right now, so if the account gets flagged for any manual review it takes a bit longer for a human to pop in and sort out why our robots got worried.

Everything is up and running well now… thanks allot for your help.