Account Pending

Hi. I just signed up for your service last night and my account was pending. Your wiki page says if it’s over three hours to contact you guys. My card has already been charged. Please advise. Thank you.


You can open a ticket via the panel, but you probably won’t hear back until business hours on Monday.

Historically the approvals dept is a mon-fri business hours dept. I called the 24 hour promise a blatent lie in a post the other day, and they managed to get that account approved in a few hours. Here is a google search of this forum that proves my assertion:

Thank you! Yeah, I opened a ticket and thought I would try here too. I noticed on similar issues they responded fairly quickly with other people, but those were probably on the weekdays.

I also just contacted them via Twitter as well. I noticed they were responding on that so keeping my fingers crossed.

It doesn’t make sense that if I purchase a hosting site on a Friday night that I can’t even use it until Monday. Especially when they’ve already charged me.

If there had been a disclaimer that you can’t start building your site until Monday I would’ve gone a different direction.

I agree by 35,000%

I’ve made the point repeatedly that they create an expectation themselves and that expectation is a lie. Be thankful it’s not a extended 3-day weekend those are even worse.

Hi there,

I replied to your tweet and I will also follow up with you here. I apologize for the delay. I have escalated your ticket over to our approvals team along with a support manager. Depending on the reason for the pending account they might be able to get it approved manually before Monday. We are in the process of getting an approvals team member in on the weekends, but have not been given an ETA on when that will happen.

Thank you for your patience,
Matt C

Matt – That is excellent news! I’ve always wondered why dreamhost choose to ignore the problem.

Thank you so much! It looks like everything has been approved. I appreciate this!