Account Pending

My account is going on its third day pending after being told it would take up to 24 hours. What has to be done to make sure approval takes place immediately since the “have us call you now” link seems to be there solely for decoration.

The dreamhost dept that handles manual approvals only works business hours in US west cost time monday to friday.

Unfortunately those that get swept to the manual queue on weekends have to wait it out til monday morning.

Where did you see the “up to 24 hours” message? Was it part of the signup process? If so they should change that.

Yes, I got that message when I initially registered and was told it was going to have to be manually approved. I did find receiving that message interesting though when I looked through the forum and noticed long waits for the activation of pending accounts seems to happen often here. This is my first time ever creating a website so I’m trying to be patient during the process because I don’t know what’s the “norm” for these kinds of things. But I don’t think unclear information, misleading information, or long waits is a good way to start off any kind of relationship with paying customers.

Yep… and setting the expectation of up to a 24 hour delay doesn’t help. It would be very helpful if they would either have someone approve accounts on weekends, or have the message change late Friday afternoon to something else that sets the correct expectation.