Account Pending


It is regarding the issue that i have mentioned earlier for the ticket support #5781353 which i have not got a response yet. I dont know why my account is listed as #1463451 “nirmal” (pending) but i am assuming it is either due to incomplete registration or due to some error. And also i am not sure if the payment process has gone through and also if i have already bought the domain or not as i am still clueless as to how i happen to get to the pending part. Please let me know the details soon as i would like to close this account and start a new one. I also want to know if there was any payment made for the domain or was it just a fluke with the system. I will appreciate if anyone from dreamhost will look into this matter as soon as possible.


Hi Rana,

My apologies for the delay! Unfortunately our Approvals team was out of the office over the holiday weekend, and is subsequently catching up on emails as fast as they can. I see you’ve submitted tickets; I can assure you your account will be manually reviewed and our Approvals team will get back to you as soon as they can tomorrow morning PST. Thanks so much for your patience!

Thank you and please do help me look into it as soon as possible as i would like to cancel this account and create a new one to buy and register a domain name to create a new website as soon as possible.