Account pending

I’ve signed up for an account with dreamhost and I registered a domain. My bank was billed $9.95 and that is already removed from my account. User info and bank info are both the same – nothing odd there. I have clicked the “This account is currently pending. Please have us call you now for immediate approval!” link numerous times, it doesn’t work.

How can I get my account verified or whatever is needed to allow me to get to work setting up my site?

Also, is my domain going to be registered with whois privacy? I didn’t see a option for that during sign up and wasn’t sure if it really was automatically done.

Thank you
Also, before posting here, I did open a support ticket – #5677832.

It looks as though this has already been resolved.

Thank you! I keep having problems with the domain name coming and going. I.E. I just installed phpbb and was working on modifications when it died and went to website not found. Is this just something I’ll have to live with until the domain name propagates fully?

I see your tickets! :slight_smile:

I can see the DreamHost Coming Soon! page on, so it looks like DNS should be done propagating. Going to look into your FTP issues – I’ll keep you updated!

Thanks, something is definitely wonky. I got upgraded to a vps and now whatever I upload via ftp or delete isn’t showing up. Is there different ftp account information I should use??


I actually emailed you a little while ago! If you have any followup questions, please reply there directly and we’ll be happy to help you out. :slight_smile: