Account Pending


My account is set to pending even after I made the payments correctly. I received an email fro you guys saying I would receive an update in 24h but none has been received. Could you please dig into this?

Many THanks,

PS: Support ticket is #5522580


I apologize for the delay.
It looks as if one of our techs already approved your account and replied to your ticket.
Let me know if there is anything else we can help with :slight_smile:

I think customers are using this forum to reach DH support :frowning:

Well I can’t blame them as this is the only place for most customers to go after not hearing from e-mail support. I guess the “account pending” function is relatively new? Perhaps I have just never run into it. I setup a new account for a recently created LLC Friday and the account is still “pending”, with the “have us call you now” function not working. Hopefully this will be resolved today as we really dislike our temp. host (Support Ticket #5522865).

I apologize for the delay in approval. I looked into your ticket and it will be reviewed as soon as our Approval dep gets in (which should be shortly).

Regarding the forums being used for tech support.
We admins are here to help with questions that all our “Dreamlings” have including tech support. Now, it might not be the ideal way to get a hold of tech support the option is here. We still prefer you guys submitting a ticket here:
and if it might be taking a while for you to get a response and you advise us of it, either here or on our twitter @dreamhostcare, we’ll see if there is anything we can do move the ticket along or see if we can take care of it ourselves.

Either way there is no right or wrong way! We’re here to help all you guys out!


Grazie Justin! DH has always provided great support (a friend didn’t want to sign up when I recommended DH in 2004 because primary support was e-mail based instead of phone; said friend has been a customer ever since after using the service for a couple weeks all those years ago =p)! I honestly didn’t come to the forums looking for official DH Support but to ask about the “account pending” issue, since I haven’t run into it before. I personally think the forums are best suited for user to user help issues, but when I saw the existing topic I couldn’t help but reply =). Thank you for the quick reply; the Twitter team owes you as now I don’t have to harras- erm, pester them.

Not a problem! Like I said, we’re here to help you guys with whatever we can. I am happy we were able to convert your friend into a Dreamhoster! :smiley:
Our Twitter loves to hear from you guys too! We never view helping anyone of our customers as you guys pestering us :stuck_out_tongue:
Not to mention I help with the Twitter team too, heh.
Jack of all trades?
I am glad to hear you’ve been thus satisfied with our tech support and we’re always working on new ways to improve it!

I have to say the DreamHost staff in this forum is really helpful. Few years back, the forum was almost pure customer-to-customer forum. Customers were trying to help people out based on their experience in DH which was a great thing.

Now the DH staff comes into the party and it is much faster for new customers to have their sites up running in DH.

Great work!

I recently purchased a 12-month shared hosting package, and registered a domain in the same process.

When I log into my panel on the Dreamhost website it says my account is still pending and has most options greyed out, as well as details for my account.

I am wondering how long it will take to get my account approved so that I can start building my website? It would also be good to get confirmation that my domain was in fact registered during the setup steps.

I haven’t received any emails from Dreamhost as yet and would be keen to start building, but can do nothing as my account is just ‘pending approval’.

Look forward to any help in resolving this. Ticket #5536267

Mine was approved almost instantly. It may take 24 hours to have it approved though.

Since you’ve submitted a ticket, DH support will take care of it :slight_smile:

herbe, I see one of our guys got back to you on this. If you have any more issues, please let us know.

The same thing is happening to me. I’ve registered for the past three days and just yesterday, I was told that my account has been deactivated. I contacted the tech service and was told that there is no account having my e-mail address as ID. An account that has not even been set up is being deactivated? That’s strange. Pls, I’ve already hosted my website with another company. What I want now is the refund of the money I paid. My receipt information is this; Time: 2013-01-24 13:00:27
Transaction ID: 9173184
Amount: $9.9500000000 (USD)
Applied to Account #: 1410472
Pay Method: “*5415 (ex 05/13)”

Pls i want this attended to as soon as possible here since there’s no reliable way to get in touch with you. Thanks

babyada, I emailed you recently. I apologize for any confusion we may have caused you. Please go over the email and reply there directly if you have any questions/concerns. Thanks so much for your patience, we appreciate it!

It seems I too must turn to the forum to solve my account pending issue. It has been a few days since paying completely but I am yet to have the account activated. Due to the pending account, the previous link to contact support would not even work. Is this a new issue for 2013? Dreamhost was highly recommended and I hope that this all works out… Especially since I already paid!

It looks like the payment went through last night. Have you request the call for verification?

I have requested the call.

I’ve created my account about 15 hours ago, paid for it and even tried sending a ticket to support (ticket num #5755037), but still nothing. Plus the link “have us call you now” is not working here too.
I really hope this problem will be solved soon…

Thanks for that ticket number! I’m having our Approvals team take a look at it now. They’ll get back to you as soon as your account is reviewed. I appreciate your patience!
…And you’ve got mail! If you have any questions, just reply to our email. Thanks again!