Account "pending"

Can someone tell me what “Account pending” means and why it has been applied to my account? I can’t register any domains, and DreamHost tech support has been utterly unresponsive. They took my money, but the account is not functioning. I am a DreamHost customer with a dozen or more domains that I host on DreamHost. They have always been responsive, but for some reason, on this account, it’s like I have the plague.

i have the same problem i purchased a hosting plan they took my money and my account is pending, and i see it’s billed 10.95$ monthly, but they said i owe 60$ and took my 60$ What is the 50$ left for?
Why my account is still pending?

@RBLevin: It typically means that something doesn’t quite check out about your account — in this case, the bogus name you used at signup may have been part of the problem. The Approvals department will get things squared away when they’re back in on Monday.

@tenitra: If you sign up for month-by-month billing, there’s a $50 setup fee. The fee is waived if you sign up for a year or more at once.

That would make sense, but how is the name I used to sign up bogus? I set up a Yahoo account in the client’s name, because I need to receive any e-mails. I would prefer to set all of my clients up under my DreamHost logon, but as far as I know, DH doesn’t allow me to set users up for cpanel access. This particular client wants their IT department to have access, and I’m not about to share my main logon with their IT peeps.

I could understand them screening for spammers. But then, don’t charge my credit card until the account is approved. And they should respond to the support inquiries. I’ m a legitimate, established DH client.

I think you are the victim of a false positive in their system. Historically support has been great with me with my many accounts, so I am surprised that no one answers you. Disappointing and frustrating I am sure.

Without revealing too many details publicly, the account I’m looking at has its last name on record as “Microsites”.

Yes, that could be it, but I’ll but as I think about this, I’ll bet it’s because the first domain I registered had the word “adult” in it, as in “continuing adult education.” Completely G rated, but I’ll bet that flagged it.

“Account pending” means that payment not complete I think. I haven’t got any problem with sometime my database error but stuff can fix the problem immedately.I use dreamhost for 3 years.

Thanks. Can’t imagine that it was a payment issue since the card I used is the corporate card, and there’s plenty of credit available on it.