Account pending!


My account status is pending even though the transaction took place yesterday !! I tried contacting the support team but no response so far !

Have patience, read while waiting

And don’t forget it’s WE :wink:

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That’s strange !! Namecheap was much faster when I registered with them !! (less than 5 hours and everything was set)

Registering a domain is a lot less “risky” a proposition for a vendor than opening an account on a webserver. It is a lot easier to remedy a “bad account” with minimal damage to the registrar if the registration/payment turns out to be fraudulent. :wink:

Just canceling the registration would resolve a bad “registration account”, and they’d only be out the ICANN fee, where a “bad” hosting account could potentially result in 1,000’s of sent spam email, assorted warez, phishing, or malware sites being put online, etc.

I know it is frustrating to wait, but hopefully in the end, all will get sorted out and you will enjoy hosting at DreamHost. :slight_smile:


They could at least reserve the domain name I requested two days ago! The requested domain name is still available and anybody can register that domain at any other domain registration site (i.e.

I have noticed that it actually takes at least couple of days until all the different registrants update their availability information. Many times I have successfully registered a domain and still it is available in different sites. It is a complex chain of different databases etc. and takes a few days to update all the relevant places.

The domain name I chose is available even at . So, they did NOT even reserve the domain name for me .

Still nothing has changed !! I wonder how long this will take!!

Did you read those threads that OnMyOwn was so kind as to post for you? They really do contain information that is relevant to your situation…

Read them and come back with any further questions you have.

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Yes, I did. I’m waiting for an official answer from Dream Host about the timing(how long will it take for my account to be activated). Also, the name I registered can still be reserved by others.

In addition, there should have been a note about the delay in activation/processing after registration. I don’t know exactly what type of fraud detection system they use, but I know that I used my card several times to make purchases from and other similar sites, and the goods were shipped in no time!!

Ah, so you used a credit card rather than Google Checkout? That’s relevant information. Did you use your credit card billing address as your account address?

If you did both of those things, you’re in an pretty unusual situation and should definitely contact support as you’ve done with those facts as relevant information.

I do hope things work out for you. If it’s any consolation, your domain remained unregistered for the past decade or so, so it’s not unreasonable to think that it will last another couple of days. That said, I’m not sure exactly when a domain gets reserved.

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Actually, I used my credit card for google Checkout. I tried contacting dreamHost several times but with no response from their side except for the automatic robot response saying my message will be directed to the right department.

That makes sense.; it’s a Google Checkout transaction, irrespective of how you tendered payment to Google Checkout.

Well, there is your response. It sounds like the “right department” has not been able to help you on Saturday or Sunday, or they have no news for you as they are still processing the Google Checkout payment.

As others have mentioned before, anecdotal evidence on these forums indicates that Google Checkout can take several days to process. In your case, it’s only been somewhere between 2 and 3 days (between 48 and 72 hours) and the overwhelming majority of that time has been over a weekend.

I know you are frustrated, but at the end of the day, “it is what it is”. You can always send more support requests, but what you do you really think they will be able to tell you until sometime during the next business day (on Monday PDT)?


it’ s 3pm here ! what’s their working hours ? do they have branches anywhere outside the US ?

Somebody suggested DH to have a branch in AU before. But so far DH as branches in Los Angeles, CA and Brea, CA.

Their working hour should be similar to ours but in US time. You can tell the time by looking at the time at the bottom of the main page of the forum.
Current adjusted date is: 10/08/07 06:17 AM

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I know that tech support and system admin staff are available 24/7/365, but I suspect that other administrative staff work a more traditional work week (figure M-F 0800-1700 or 0900-1800 to be safe - but that’s just a guess). :wink:



Don’t forget that today is a U.S. holiday for some. It’s not for me, but it is an official U.S. banking holiday. That is not to say that all banks are closed, but like when banks are open on the weekend, no interbank money transfers can occur as the Fed wire system is closed.

At any rate, like everyone else here, I wish you the speediest Google Checkout approval process. The only solace I can provide is the testimonial that the wait is worth it!

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Yes, the wait indeed worth it !!! My account registration was denied with no obvious reason !! this is the response I received from dreamhost:

Your account was disabled by our fraud detection system. Your payment has also been refunded.

We request that you take your business elsewhere and we apologize that we won’t be able to host you at this time.


My credit is card is genuine and there is NO fraud. It’s the same credit card I’ve been using for the past few years to purchase goods off and many other websites !!

Also, let me emphasize that google checkout did not flag the payment as fraud my credit card was actually charged !! this is Google checkout’s response:

DreamHost Web Hosting has issued a refund for USD22.40 to your VISA xxx-XXXX . Please note that the refund may not appear in your credit card account for several days.

  • Refund reason: Other (describe below)

  • Comments from DreamHost Web Hosting: " Some Reason. Refund"

which other host do you guys recommend me to go with ? I need php5, mod_rewrite enabled, mysql database, and enabling wildcard DNS. need a reliable host with reasonable prices. If not permitted in this forum, please PM with your suggestions.